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"6 stars plus. What a surprising South Florida change! where do I start. Professional, timely, responsive, but most of all they are extremely thorough & knowledgeable. I was a buyer but as a seller I would welcome them as well because the present knowledgeable and factual information. Ironically, a friend had tried to purchase the same home and I compared my inspection report with his which was with a different company. I would give his company a B but they missed one key thing and a couple of small things. Also Wright Way gave me a detailed summary that shows highlights, estimated prices. Love these guys and a great find. Clearly explains why I chose them based on their reviews...."

Mandius J. 10/25/2019

“I was debating spending the money on an inspection when condo cares for all outside maintenance including the roof. I went on Yelp to find the best company I could and that's exactly what I got. I am beyond impressed with this company's professionalism, knowledge and customer service. I have bought many houses and never have received such a thorough inspection. And they saved me about $4,000. I HIGHLY recommend them”

Jean C. 3/10/2019

“I wish I was able to give Wright Way 100 plus stars!  They did an inspection for a condo I was purchasing. Erin was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions with patience and kindness. Steve called immediately after the inspection and provided me with an extremely detailed report.  Fortunately, we didn't buy that unit because there were a number of big issues that were discovered.  Thank you Wright Way for saving us from making a huge mistake!

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, (Erin really tried to get us an appt) we had to use another company for a different condo. This bigger company had great reviews so I felt safe using them. Boy was I wrong!  Their report was not as thorough as Wright Way. They completely missed an obvious broken handle on the balcony sliding door. The inspector didn't call me to explain the inspection. I actually called the inspector to see if he noticed the broken handle (he didn't notice). I got confirmation from my buyer's agent that it is still broken. I am now scared to see what else he missed.  

I can't give enough praise to Wright Way Home Inspections!  I thought they were great before but after comparing to another company, I  appreciate Wright Way even more.”

Lori B. 2/18/2020

“Erin was quick to respond to my quote, price is reasonable compared to other inspectors.

Steve was at the apartment on time and ready to go starting with a look at the roof. He was very professional and kind as he went through the apartment taking his time and explaining any defects he found along the way. His method of inspecting is great as he documents right away on his laptop to ensure accurate recall of what he found and by doing so I was able to get the inspection report on the same day which is very much appreciated as it helps to negotiate during the inspection period.

I've used other people in the past for my inspections but have finally found one that fits all my criteria.

Thanks Steve and Erin!”

Navene S. 1/16/2019

“2nd review!

I recently had a second property (after the 1st purchase inspection that Steve did, found costly issues with the roof and termites) inspected by Wright Way and once again, Steve and Erin did not disappoint! I got a comprehensive inspection report delivered to me in less than 24 hours. I was able to leverage the negotiation using the repair and deficiencies, found, to get a considerable savings in Seller credits towards closing costs.

I recommend Wright Way Home Inspections, Inc., wholeheartedly to anyone looking to get the most honest, thorough and prompt inspection. This company may not be the cheapest, but when thousands or dollars are at stake, I would not take the chance on a cheaper choice. You truly get what you pay for and more with Steve and Erin!”

Viviana M. 9/2/2016

“Steven was thorough and took his time when performing the inspection and afterwards he spent time with me going over the issues he uncovered during the home inspection. I received the report the same evening as the inspection and I must say I was quite amazed with the report that was sent to me. The report included plenty of details regarding the inspection as well as pictures of defects that were uncovered and verbiage that was highlighted in red which detailed problems with the home. Also the price for the inspection was very reasonable as compared to the quotes I received from other home inspectors. All I can say is that the money was well spent.”

Richard L. 1/29/2019

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