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Fall Lawn Maintenance

Written November 7th, 2013

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful all year long takes work. Fall is an integral season some people tend to forget. Here is a great article of easy steps you can take to keep your lawn looking great!

Mother-in-Law Suites!

Written April 18th, 2012

This is a great option for so many families.  If the whole family gets along and certain ground rules are understood in terms of personal space, who wouldn’t want to have this set up.  We think of doing this sometimes.  Not sure if my parents do, but if it was an option, I think it is something they would definitely consider.  With the hard economic times, families need to find the out of the box alternatives to make their cost of living lower but still keep their standards of living high.  And this is the perfect way!  It is done all the time in Europe and even something that is “normal”.  It never really caught on here in the US.  It seems as though once kids leave for college, they should never really go home.  Think about it though, it’s a built in babysitter for parents and maybe even a cook :-) PERFECT!

Confidence is Rebounding!

Written April 9th, 2012

Walking through downtown Delray Beach, I do notice the construction going on, which is a great sign that real estate is starting to creep forward a bit.  There are still some empty commercial spaces but even that seems to be getting better.

Kitchens Make A House

Written April 3rd, 2012

When Steve and I were searching for our first home in 2004, we looked at bunch of different houses.  We chose our home for one single reason, THE KITCHEN!  We didn’t have to do a thing.  It had new cabinets, paint and appliances.  Although, now, we would like to replace the counter tops and back splash, it is still very functional.  With the economy the way it is and has been over the past few years, I think people are looking at homes differently.  Most want a spacious home but with a more intimate feel.  They want a space that focuses on family.  Open, welcoming kitchens are what people want.  It is the heart of the home!  Check out this article on what you can do as a seller when it comes to your kitchen.

All About Roofs!

Written March 27th, 2012

I have decided I am going to start doing a short blog post once a week with links to informative articles.  At first, I am going to keep it open to south Florida real estate news, home inspection info and home improvement.  I am going to use this time and space to try and educate people the best I can on HOMES! With my background in green building, I will also do a bit on how to greenify your homes from recycling to insulation.

Looking back on the numerous home inspections we have done throughout south Florida, the most common concern prospective homeowners have when purchasing a new home is the roof.  Here is a good informative article from NACHI:

It depends what kind of roof you have, but most residential roofs last an average of 15-20 years.  It is a factor to think about when buying a home.  If your roof is on it’s last legs, you will have the added expense of installing a new roof. So if that is a concern to you as a buyer, you may want to think twice.

Marketing Has Begun

Written August 30th, 2011

So for the last few weeks, Steve and I have been working on marketing Wright Way.  We have developed a Facebook page and sent the message out to all our contacts.  We made a few contacts that way.  We’ve gone out on foot and gave out business cards and got a bunch in return.  We had a great contact at Campbell & Rosemurgy that gave us the opportunity to present to their sales people in both offices, Boca and Deerfield.  Here is the presentation Steve gave the first day at the Boca office: Realtors and Carbon Monoxide. So it’s going well but definitely takes time.  Keep supporting us and sharing our information with friends. Thanks everyone!


We are up and running!!!

Written April 26th, 2011

Here we go! Steve and I have starting a home inspection company in south Florida.  We are really excited about this new venture.  This is my first post so it’s just a hello, how are you.  I will be posting weekly on all things home inspection related!

Hello world!

Written April 26th, 2011

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!