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About Us

Owners Steven and Erin with their son Austin

Who We Are

Our names are Steven and Erin Wright, owners of Wright Way Home Inspections, Inc.

Steven is a certified home inspector through the state of Florida, Cert #HI4609. He is trained as a home inspector through the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. Over 4 years, we have completed over 500 inspections including comprehensive home inspections, wind mitigation inspections and 4 point insurance inspections. Steve’s unique experience and training as a firefighter has given him a keen eye for inspecting homes. His thorough understanding and extensive experience in construction gives him a unique advantage over other home inspectors. He has worked on renovations, plumbing, electrical, exterior improvements, and pre-cast stone.  He is a State of Florida certified paramedic/firefighter and is the process of becoming a state certified fire inspector.  He is originally from West Yorkshire, England but has been here for 11 years.

Erin is the administrator of Wright Way Home Inspections, Inc.  She has lived in Boca Raton for 27 years.  Recently, she was appointed to the Green living Advisory Board for the city of Boca Raton and will be serving a 3 year term. She worked as a LEED design consultant for an architecuture firm for two years prior to becoming a mom.  She ran the branch office located in Boynton Beach.  Being the sole employee in the first branch office of the company, she was in charge of marketing, administration, and green consulting for all Florida clients.  Here she gained valuable knowledge of green construction and components of a home.  She has a BS in Biology from Stetson University and an MS in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University.

Our mission is to be the best home inspectors for our clients. In this field, we have found that the two biggest complaints about other home inspectors are dishonesty and unreliability. We strive to be the most honest and reliable company in the business. One of our main jobs as a home inspector is to give our clients the truth about their homes.  This information puts our clients in the best position whether they are buying or selling their home. We do not work for realtors.  We work with realtors to make sure the clients are satisfied and happy with the services they are receiving. Along with this, we are prompt and reliable. Answering calls/emails, getting price quotes, and being on time for jobs are important aspects of our business that we make sure to do in a timely manner.  We take pride in our excellent customer service!

Together, we form a perfect team to be your home inspector!  Call us if you have any questions regarding our services.