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Mother-in-Law Suites!

Written April 18th, 2012

This is a great option for so many families.  If the whole family gets along and certain ground rules are understood in terms of personal space, who wouldn’t want to have this set up.  We think of doing this sometimes.  Not sure if my parents do, but if it was an option, I think it is something they would definitely consider.  With the hard economic times, families need to find the out of the box alternatives to make their cost of living lower but still keep their standards of living high.  And this is the perfect way!  It is done all the time in Europe and even something that is “normal”.  It never really caught on here in the US.  It seems as though once kids leave for college, they should never really go home.  Think about it though, it’s a built in babysitter for parents and maybe even a cook :-) PERFECT!


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